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About Us

                                                      Rodney Myers already had a decade of Television
                                                      Production experience when he founded Digital                                                             Rain, llc in 1998.

                                                      "I was so lucky to discover Television Production in

                                                      High School." Myers says. You see, Rodney is a

                                                      lifelong story teller, and video is his favorite way to                                                         tell stories​.

                                                      Since, Digital Rain, llc has created videos that can                                                         be seen around the corner, and around the world.                                                             Some of our clients include Cummins Engines,                                                               Cable Networks like ESPN, Fox News and Sports and CNN, and local clients Indianapolis Public Schools and Ray's Trash and Recycling.

Digital Rain, llc has also been around the world, spending time being based in Central Indiana, Costa Rica, and now there new home in North Carolina, East of Charlotte.

Digital Rain, llc uses industry standard tools from Adobe, Panasonic, and others. We can provide High Definition Production, 4k Post Production, with finishing up to Blu-Ray.


Kristen Corey-Leisch joined Digital Rain, llc in May of 2011 when our studios moved to Danville, Indiana. Kristen, or you are more likely to hear her called Kasey, is a great addition for Rodney to bounce new ideas off of, and also keep the studio and office straight. Kristen has lived in Hendricks County for over a decade, and has a son and daughter that offer their production assistance from time to time.

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